Amazon Prime has certainly hit Prime-Time

One more reason to be part of Amazon FBA as a seller is to give customers more to select from. Check out this article featured in Tech-Crunch here:

Split it Up! That’s what Amazon says!

We have all been complaining . Why does Amazon FBA want us to send items to so many different warehouses ? Some users have their inventory split in to 5 separate warehouses. 5 ? Yes that’s right. If you list in many different categories , that will be pretty normal, pretty soon. We know this is a nightmare when trying to ship and fill up a box. You obviously want full UPS boxes before you are ready to ship out. But it’s not all bad! There are certainly some benefits , albeit a few to ship to multiple warehouses. Here are some of them

1) Happy Customers:
If the same items are in multiple warehouses it allows Amazon to get to your customers faster.

2) Meeting local demand:
Amazon can fill a void if your items can be shipped to far out states and get to local demand

3) Faster processing when ‘receiving’ items at FBA
You could end up shipping to a relatively newer warehouse. This can mean faster processing times and your inventory goes live much quicker. Yippee. The faster it’s in ‘active’ status, the sooner you start making money.

Yes! we know. You hate shipping to so many warehouses. As a business you must adapt if you want to continue to sell on Amazon and use FBA as a reliable pick and pack solution that it is. Listtee will show you the warehouse split before you list items so you the seller can make that decision whether shipping the items to IND4, ABE3, PHX7 etc etc is worth it to you , or not!

New Year! New Listtee for Amazon Fulfillment

Just when you thought Listtee was simple enough to use – we have gone ahead and simplified it further. With tons of feedback over the past 12 months we have come together with a simpler, cleaner layout.

HOT!! off the press. A couple of screenshots

1) A FRESH layout: with a few tweaks we added some color and organized the workflow better

2) Replenish feature: pulls in your Active Amazon Inventory daily to allow you to ADD quantity to existing listings.
A seamless integration in to the existing workflow.

3) Warehouse FBA center: color coded as you ADD items

4) Shipping costs: added across all categories.

Fulfillment By Amazon Long-Term Storage ( ROI )

This was an email that was recently sent to all Amazon fulfillment by Amazon sellers. I have posted it here in case you missed it.

“Dear FBA seller,

In order to meet Fulfillment by Amazon’s (FBA) ongoing commitment to providing a world-class shipping and customer-service program for your products, we will soon introduce new inventory management features and a Long-Term Storage program to better support all sellers’ storage needs.

The Long-Term Storage program will take effect on August 15, 2011. On that date, and each six months thereafter, FBA will conduct an Inventory Cleanup, at which time inventory that has been in our fulfillment centers for 365 days or more will be assessed an upfront, annual Long-Term Storage fee of $45.00 per cubic foot. This translates to $1.10 for an average-sized (8″ X 6″ X 1″) book or $4.58 for an average-sized (11″ X 8″ X 2″) toy. To provide additional flexibility to maintain your unique selection, one Unit of each applicable product ASIN will be exempted from annual Long-Term Storage Fee. Please note, FBA accounts for inventory on a first-in-first-out (FIFO) basis.

Prior to August 15, you will have the option to remove these Units for a reduced fee. Effective immediately, we will be lowering our regular fees for removing inventory from Amazon’s fulfillment centers. The per-unit FBA Inventory Removal fee will decrease from $0.60 per-Unit plus shipping to $0.50 per-Unit with no shipping fee, or $0.15 per-Unit to dispose of the inventory. (The per Unit price of a removal for Oversize Units is reduced from $3.00 plus shipping to $0.60 including shipping or $0.30 for them to be disposed.) From May 15 to August 15, we will be lowering these fees even further: any inventory over 270 days old may be removed for $0.20 per-Unit with no shipping fee ($0.40 with no shipping fee for Oversize Units), or disposed of for no charge.

Sellers have told us that they do not want their inventory sitting in our fulfillment centers, but rather want it shipping out to customers. In a recent survey of FBA sellers, 98.6% of respondents said that they don’t expect to store merchandise in FBA for longer than one year, and indeed most FBA inventory sells through much quicker than that. However, inventory that is overstocked or stored indefinitely in our fulfillment centers limits our ability to provide you with space for fast-selling products customers want. Through this program we will provide you with the information and tools to enable you to improve your return on your inventory investment and focus your business on products that customers desire most.

In advance of each Inventory Cleanup, we will notify you of any Units in your FBA inventory that will have been in our fulfillment centers for 365 days or more as of that date. The recently released Inventory Health Report helps identify your inventory that would be included in the Long-Term Storage program. Additionally, in June we will be launching functionality in your seller account that will automatically identify any of your Units that will have been in our fulfillment centers for 365 days or more on the next Inventory Cleanup date and will enable you to directly create a request to remove or dispose of them if you so choose. We will announce more details about this functionality as soon as it is ready for release, so you will be able to take action well in advance of the Inventory Cleanup on August 15, 2011.

As we release more inventory management features we will continue to send updates through e-mail, the FBA Seller Newsletter, and your seller account.

The Fulfillment By Amazon Team”

source: email from Amazon

Toys, Games, Beauty and Pampers

SCAN across any UPC/ISBN/ASIN in the Listtee scan box. This will allow you to take advantage of products across many different Amazon categories. So go ahead and scan Toys, Printers and even Pampers. You need not worry about the various Amazon FBA warehouses as we will pull in all the FBA warehouse IDs, so your items arrive at the right warehouses.
Scan, Print Individual FNSKU labels and move the items to FBA.

Listtee is always free for the first 50 Lists, every single month and will seamlessly work on Windows and Mac OS X.

Go on, give it a LIST :)

Links for Amazon Sellers

Scouting Tool

Does Equipment matter ?

Let’s face it. We all have our own little method of listing items and might be too stubborn to change. We will all swear by our listing tools and the little adjustments we make to list. Some swear by using seller central to list items, others can’t get enough of their Zebra LP2844 printer. So what is it that sets you apart ? Does your Equipment really matter ? The scanner , the printer, label sheets vs thermal rolls. The answer is fairly obvious, but may not be obvious to all. Here are 3 must ways to speed up your processing. These might be obvious to some, but critical for those looking to scale their business to the next ‘listing’ level.

1) Scanner on a stand: I find this super crucial to scanning each item. Companies like Symbol make a pretty good one and you can get one on Ebay to do the trick. A scanner on a stand will allow you to move the item underneath the scanner quickly and move to the next task of labeling.

2) Zebra vs Dymo: Yes! the DYMO Labelwriter is way cheaper, but the Zebra LP2844 for $150 used on Ebay is a workhorse and a must have. I also prefer the way the labels come out of the Zebra – makes for an easier grab and apply label motion.

3) Single Print vs Label sheets/PDF: If your not using single label rolls yet, your wasting tons of time, energy and not to mention eliminating costly labeling mistakes associated with matching up label sheet labels to the appropriate item.

You could be listing for years on Amazon, but a refined listing process is key to listing more on Amazon FBA or even processing the same number of items in even less time. A few more dollars towards the right equipment; Scanner on a Stand, Zebra and some label rolls will go a long way for your Amazon FBA business.

Finally!! a Listing tool for Amazon FBA sellers

Listtee is not like most FBA/Amazon listing applications where a user is locked in to a monthly fee or tons of features you will never use. How many listing tools will allow you to go on vacation?, none right ? Listtee is an impressive piece of software. Finally you can scan an item, add and price inventory , print out labels individually and prepare an FBA box. It’s so easy and secure – you will save a lot of time and money. And we’re not done yet

1) Scan the item (cradle scanner recommended – grab one from ebay)
2) Grade individually or preset your item condition and pricer
3) Print out the individual FNSKU label or grab the PDF file in seller central.
4) Put the items in a box for UPS

No Ink. No Ribbons. Just Labels.

For those of you still using PDF label sheets on seller central – you can easily purchase an inexpensive thermal printer such a DYMO Labelwriter 450 with Address Labels and reduce your labeling costs and eliminate the need to ever buy Ink again. What could be better.

Printer and Label recommendations for Fulfillment By Amazon FBA 3rd party Sellers:

DYMO Labelwriter 450

Able Label
phone 1-800-348-1455

Label Size: 1.1″ by 3.5″
Qty/Roll: 350
Approx Price Per roll: $4.50 or $5.00
Part Number: 1.1-3.5-DT-0-DYMO
Part Number: 1.1-3.5-DT-77-DYMO

Labels Direct: Chesterfield, MO 63005
Phone Support: 636-458-5156
Toll Free Support: 800-458-5110
Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday 7:00am to 6:00pm CST

30252 Removable Labels ( removable labels are required if your a FBA Media seller)

Product # LD1X35DYMO350R

Zebra LP2844 (search for one on Ebay or Amazon)

Able Label
phone 1-800-348-1455

Label Size: 3″ by 1″ ( 3 inch by 1 inch)
Approx Qty/Roll: 1,375
Part Number: 3-1-DT-0 , Removable Label Part Number 3-1-DT-0-R
Approx price per roll: $ 4.88 – $8.50

Other trusted label companies we have used:

Please add to the list above if you find a better deal. Anything that will help out other users from cutting costs would be welcome!

5 reasons to use Amazon FBA

There are many reasons why you should consider using Amazon to pick , pack and ship your products. Here are just 5

1) Qualify your items for FREE Super Saver Shipping and millions of Prime Customers.

2) Ship as little or as much as you like.

3) Full customer service , returns and exchanges handled.

4) Reduce your overheads.

5) Scale your business.

1) Qualify for FREE Super Saver Shipping and Prime.

Let’s face it , we all love FREE SHIPPING, it’s usually one of the reasons why we would pick one product over another. As a merchant fulfilled seller you are unable to include your products with the pool of Amazon FBA Sellers that can offer FREE SHIPPING on orders of $25 or more and be part of products offered to Prime Customers. Selling products through Amazon FBA will hopefully create a nice spike in sales. I have personally found a 30% increase in our Amazon Apparel business and a good majority of those used “expedited” shipping. Book and media sellers have also reported hikes in sales after converting to FBA.